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Development Housing estate

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Over the last century, Monaco has continued to expand its territory through multiple extensions.

A new complex of residential, cultural and recreational spaces celebrating the Mediterranean. This is the Mareterra project, which extends over 6 hectares.

Mareterra is mainly pedestrian: a one-hectare park, seafront promenade, cycle paths, "le petit Portier" marina, underground parking, shops and residences. A mix of luxury and nature like nowhere else. A new vision of Monaco, more contemporary and ecological, created by the architectural firms Valode & Pistre Architects and Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and a team of engineers and environmental experts

The properties, up to more than 1000 m2, have a southern exposure and a breathtaking sea view. These new properties will have a definite impact on the Monegasque property market.

In total, the project's residences comprise 110 flats and 10 villas, of which 6 villas will face the sea.
The "Le Renzo" residence is located at the western end of the district and overlooks the port and the Mareterra shopping square. The flats are bright and airy. "Les Jardins d'Eau" has spacious flats and balconies, inviting residents to make the most of outdoor living.
In addition, residents of these flats will also enjoy a selection of facilities such as spas, swimming pools, fitness centres, wine cellars, hair salons and massage parlours. The Mareterra Townhouses are set in green surroundings and covered in the same lush vegetation as the rest of Mareterra. Each of these townhouses has an interior patio, offering residents the chance to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature from the comfort of their own home. 
Finally, "Les Villas Mareterra" are the new generation of Monaco's traditional Belle Epoque homes. These modern villas have large volumes and perfectly combine indoor and outdoor living spaces. They are limited in number and each is unique in its architecture.

All of this is set in a green setting, a space that leaves room for nature above all.

Mareterra is an eco-neighbourhood, with 4,500 square metres of solar panels, electric car terminals, rainwater recovery systems ensuring 50% reuse and thermal pumps. 80% of the heating will be generated by renewable energy. Le Portier is perfectly in line with Monaco's ecological policy, which aims to ensure the principality's carbon neutrality by 2050.

Development Housing estate Monaco

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